Maggie Richardson (left), Jeanne Chamberlain (right) at the entrance to The Colors of Mary Blair exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, July 2009


Welcome to the Magic of Mary Blair (formerly World of Mary Blair), a new website from the two nieces of Mary Blair, Jeanne Chamberlain and Maggie Richardson.

Message from Maggie and Jeanne:

"My sister Jeanne and I grew up knowing and loving our Aunt Mary. We were often in awe of her sophistication but we loved being around her…….She was incredibly kind and unexpectedly “fun” – her mere presence generated excitement.

Throughout her life, Mary continued to share her greatest gift with us – her talent; although as children we didn’t fully understand or appreciate it at the time. I remember, as a child, being disappointed at Christmas by receiving yet another “picture” by Aunt Mary instead of a doll or other toy. Jeanne remembers wondering why Aunt Mary always wrote her whole name on her pictures --- we certainly knew who she was! Those childhood gifts that we managed to save are, today, among our most precious treasures.

I don’t think Mary ever thought of herself as a “pioneer” – she just wasn’t willing to give up her art for love or family…. so she combined them all – and, in an era when women usually stayed at home or became teachers or nurses, she succeeded in a field dominated by men! She reveals her life philosophy and goal in a letter written to her husband, Lee Blair, shortly after their marriage in 1933:

“We are artists, dear, in love with art and each other. We must make these loves coincide and melt into a beautiful, happy and rich life --- that is our future….we’ll live to be happy and paint to express our happiness”.

Mary’s life was not always easy but, through it all, she kept her promise and she never, never stopped painting – or caring. Mary has left a legacy of pure color, magic and dazzle for all of us to love and remember her by forever."

--Maggie Richardson, niece of Mary Blair