Mary's World Poem

Mary enjoyed a special friendship with Walt Disney -- His encouragement and support became a catalyst for unlocking “The Colors of Mary Blair”. The following poem was written several years ago and ended up on the wall at the entrance of the Colors of Mary Blair Exhibition in Tokyo.

Mary’s World

by Maggie Richardson
Come with me to Mary’s World if you have eyes to see,
But leave behind you all your thoughts of how things “ought” to be…

Children with moon faces whose feet don’t touch the ground —
In Mary’s World you may not know what’s UP from what is DOWN

You see, Mary had a friend named Walt who let her have her way —
And she painted with the colors we were all afraid to say …

You might see a cow of blue by a barn of orange and pink,
Or a sky of yellow, green or red or whatever color you think…

But Mary’s World is meant for all—free from pain or guile—
In Mary’s World, that special place,
We remember how to smile