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Pocket Full of Colors -- A Children's book about Mary Blair

Amy Guglielmo, Jacqueline Tourville, and Brigette Barrager team up to tell the joyful and unique story of the trailblazing Disney artist Mary Blair. From her imaginative childhood to her career as an illustrator, designer, and animator for Walt Disney Studios, Mary wouldn’t play by the rules. At a time when studios wanted to hire men and think in black and white, Mary painted twinkling emerald skies, peach giraffes with tangerine spots, and magenta horses that could fly.

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The Mary Blair Cat-a-Pillow™

The original Cat-a-Pillow™ was designed by Mary Blair in 1975. A sample was made with the help of Mary's older sister Peggy. Although it was never produced commercially, Mary's big orange cat, "Ferrari" loved it and spend many lazy days and nights curled up in it. The bed, though worn and faded, survived all these years as it was just too cute to throw away. Maggie told her friend Linda about the Cat-a-Pillow and showed her the original. Linda, a sewing and costume making whiz, as well as a huge Mary Blair fan knew exactly how to recreate it. Maggie and Jeanne encouraged Linda to make a prototype and offer it on . And so she did!-- we are proud of the quality results (totally washable) -- true Mary Blair whimsy and color!

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Mary Blair Print Collection at the Nucleus | Art Gallery and Store

Nucleus is proud to collaborate with the Mary Blair estate to present a curated collection of prints. Many rare and unseen, these reproduction of images by Mary Blair will only be available through Nucleus and will debut on opening night.

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Disney Princess by Pottery Barn Kids

Inspired by the artwork of Disney artist Mary Blair, Pottery Barn Kid's exclusive collection channels her spontaneous use of color and childlike sense of wonder. Thoughtfully re-interpreted by their own artists, the collection captures the spirits of ten favorite Disney Princesses who inspire your little one to own their dreams.

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World of Mary Blair™ Tableware from Gaia Group USA

Gaia Group USA, a new tableware company based out of Illinois, is a woman-led company with products designed to resonate with unique chapters of modern family living and embrace the best that the earth has to offer. Gaia Group USA is proud to have an exclusive license to Mary Blair artwork and look forward to bringing it to life in their upcoming collections of children’s dinnerware and adult dinner and party ware. The collections currently feature whimsical children, trains, clowns, elephants and butterflies with bold patterns and color palettes. For more information on their collection and to share your feedback on the designs visit them at

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Exclusive to Pinup Girl Clothing, The Magic of Mary Blair Collection is a collaboration between Pinup Girl and the estate of Mary Blair. This 50s and 60s-inspired collection brings this iconic artist's whimsical Mid-century modern art to life in beautiful and timeless style for the modern woman. PUG's creative director Micheline Pitt has long been inspired by Mary's drive to succeed in the male-oriented world of illustration, as well as admiring and respecting her unique artist vision. 

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We are pleased to be able to offer high quality giclee prints of several of Mary’s most popular watercolors thru an agreement with -- Have a look!

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