Various Mary Blair merchandise can be purchased at the following online retailers:

World of Mary Blair™ Tableware from Gaia Group USA

Gaia Group USA, a new tableware company based out of Illinois, is a woman-led company with products designed to resonate with unique chapters of modern family living and embrace the best that the earth has to offer. Gaia Group USA is proud to have an exclusive license to Mary Blair artwork and look forward to bringing it to life in their upcoming collections of children’s dinnerware and adult dinner and party ware. The collections currently feature whimsical children, trains, clowns, elephants and butterflies with bold patterns and color palettes. For more information on their collection and to share your feedback on the designs visit them at

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Exclusive to Pinup Girl Clothing, The Magic of Mary Blair Collection is a collaboration between Pinup Girl and the estate of Mary Blair. This 50s and 60s-inspired collection brings this iconic artist's whimsical Mid-century modern art to life in beautiful and timeless style for the modern woman. PUG's creative director Micheline Pitt has long been inspired by Mary's drive to succeed in the male-oriented world of illustration, as well as admiring and respecting her unique artist vision. 

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We are pleased to be able to offer high quality giclee prints of several of Mary’s most popular watercolors thru an agreement with -- Have a look!

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